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Anime Queen

anime queen

Play Anime Queen Game Online. We are glad that you have chosen to play Princess anime on our site Anime most dynamic website available free online. If you like this game Princess anime do not forget

Tweety Clean Up

Hello there boys and girls in this supercool game you need to help Tweety to keep the ocean clean .All you have to do is cover Tweety of ocean animals like sea lions, crabs and snails.The ocean floor is polluted but you can […]

Daffy Duck Volleyball

In order to play this game you have to use the arrow keys to control Daffy in this entertaining volleyball match. Press space to serve and hit the ball and don’t forget about the trick shots. Enable trick shots by pressing Z (super lam , X

Looney Tunes Mahjong

Hi there.The object of the game is pretty much the same as in other Mahjong games. You have to remove as many tiles as possible from the board by selecting 2 similar items(create matches). The fun part of the games is that on […]

Naruto Run Game

Anime Games Online In this game Naruto is the main character and his task is not that hard if you think of how powerful Naruto is. He has to run in these worlds avoiding all the obstacles and enemies. Use the arrow keys in […]

Naruto on BMX

naruto on bmx

Hi all kids !Have fun playing this exciting game with Naruto performing back flips, front flips and different stunts on his new BMX. Gain multiple points in order to finish the level faster and unlock the next one. Move using the arrow keys […]

Naruto Numbers

naruto numbers

Find the hidden numbers in order to finish the game. Fin all 25 numbers in less possible time. The numbers can be hidden verry well or in plain sight so they can get unnoticed. Give it a try and test your skills in […]

Sonic on Bike

sonic games

Sonic has a new bike and he just got out to try it.Use your motor biking skills, and try to earn maximum scores to top the list. The riding tasks in the game are controlled using the arrow keys on the keyboard. There […]

Sonic in PacMan

Sure you remember the great game of Pacman but this one is a bit different than the clasic game. Instead of the clasic Pacman character there is Sonic character. The rules and the game play is the same, avoid the ghosts while collecting […]

Sonic in Mario

A new perspective over the clasic Mario game with Sonic lost in Mario’s world with no idea of the world in wich has accidentaly arrived after taking a walk. On his way back home he will have to deal with everything you know […]

Tom & Jerry Bowling


It seems that Tom is not chasing for Jerry anymore instead he dares him to a bowling game. Watch the blinking arrow and click when it is in the right position for you. Don’t release the mouse because after you set the direction […]

Tom & Jerry Aim Contest

cartoon games

Hello Everyone. Play this funny game with most popular characters of childhood from cartoons like tom and jerry. In this game you are Tom and you must to hit your target, none other that our beloved mouse Jerry.

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Welcome to our webiste, the place where you can find a great variety of anime games online and not only. There are many fun games with special characters such as Naruto or Sonic but there are also games with clasic animated characters such as Tom and Jerry, Tweety, Daffy Duck and more of the Loney Tunes team. If you like playing anime game than you are in the right place! Don't forget to come back often because we update the site with the latest anime games online out there on the web.

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